Touch Screen Rental in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Touch Screen Rentals - Want to Highlight your Brand ?

Touch Screens are one of the primary elements when it comes to quick, short and instant Message Display and Advertisements. Touch screens have revolutionized the way people approach and think further. At Touch Screen Rental Riyadh, it is indeed a Cakewalk to lease the Touch screens for an instant Event, Survey or even a Trade Show. Touch Screens from Touch Screen Hire Riyadh add to the value of your Event at every nook and corner and portray a Fabulous Display of the same.

The Best part of the story is that the Interactive Touch Screen Rental from Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC is one of it’s kind and can be used for a gamut of Professional Events, Programs, Seminars and Business Conferences. From our end, we provide Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks, Touch Screen LEDs, Touch Screen Plasma, Multi-Touch Screens and Touch screen monitors for lease.

Renting a Touch Screen - Is it a Wise Decision ?


  • Affordable Price
  • A Touch Screen Plasma can be replaced with a Touch Screen Monitor/Touch Screen LED
  • Technical Assistance during the Event
  • Repair facility is available
  • Can prioritize your own Operating System (Intel Core i3) and RAM (8 GB is always preferred for Security)
  • Latest Technology, can be configured and customized


  • Too expensive
  • Cannot be replaced
  • No Technical Assistance
  • No such provision
  • Once purchased, cannot opt for alternative RAM or Operating System
  • You cannot upgrade, update, configure or customize. Need to pay additional to the Technicians

Touch Screen has it’s Multifold Uses

  • Retail

    Favors a lot in performing the Self Centric Retail Business, which is Customer Centric.

  • Cultural and Festive Occasions

    People can use the Touch Screens to felicitate their Registration and therefore enter inside to attend the Event.

  • Fairs and Trade Shows

    Promotive activities, Customer Feedback and Indexing can also happen through the Touch Screens.

  • Attendance

    Proves an excellent platform, wherein, the School Attendance can happen at bay !! In turn, it reduces the Work Load of the Teaching staff and leverages the absolute Operations at school.

  • Science Exhibitions

    The plenary display of a complete Scientific process which is Self explanatory in a Step by Step process.

  • Corporate Seminars

    It can favor the Dynamics of the Seminar, such as, the Direction to the Seminar room and the Registration process.

  • Ticketing

    Because Touch Screens are Self Explanatory, it favors the Ticketing a lot !!

  • Queueing

    Touch Screens make this process more and more Systematic.

  • Survey

    Collective reports and Statistics could also be done on the People/Community/Brand Survey

  • Functions and Events

    The Registrations, if at all a mandate can happen on a Self Centric Platform.

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    Touch Screen Uses - The Wider Array

    Glimpse on the Touch Screen Accessories

    Anti Microbial Covers

    It protects the Front and Back of the Monitor Screen and provides Anti-Microbial Safeguarding

    Power Supplies

    These Power Supplies convert AC Voltage to DC Voltage and reduces the Voltage risks


    Meant specifically for Touch Screens and Monitors and an appropriate fit


    Catering for Open Frame Touch Monitors. These are the Front Mount and the Rack Mount Bezels

    Credit Card Readers

    Possess exceptional Intelligence, Functionality, Programmability and smart Peripheral Readers

    Touch Screen Drivers

    Few of these are Windows embedded Drivers and few are the XP Embedded Drivers

    Stylus Touch Pens

    These are for Resistive and Infra Red Touch Screens and few for the Adhesive backed Touch Screens


    At Interactive Touch Screen Rental, Touch Screens from Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC proves one of the most outstanding when it comes to the extent of Demand, which these can cause amidst the Customers and the Users. Moreover, Touch screens come with that glisten and shine, which is required for any Trade Show, Event, Survey or a Conference. The Multi usage Dynamics of the Touch screens along with the Self Explanatory parameter of these Screens have proven it one of the most appropriate ways of increasing Retail value and augmenting the Sales within a Departmental Store or else a Super Market/Shopping Mall.

    Touch Screens are truly the kind of IT Equipment, which is not only Jaw Dropping, but also, enchanting to our minds !! Nevertheless, purchasing a Touch Screen does not make sense for an Event, which is temporary, therefore, you can hire it on +966-57-3186892.



    It was amazing truly to avail the Rental Services from al wardah al rihan LLC. I had rented iPads and even Laptops for an emergency Training session. Very good experience with the Technical team. They were indeed helpful.

    Abdul Rihan

    Courtesy and Professionalism is what embarks the Tagline of al wardah al rihan LLC. I rented the LED Video walls from the team. They have the extreme expertise to resolve every issue during a sudden collapse. Kudos to the team !!


    I am too impressed with the Technical team of the company. I had to rent the Touch Screen Kiosks for a recent Mass survey. They assisted me from A to Z and even helped me in case I was unable to operate. Recommendable definitely !!


    Suppose, your equipment has been ordered on Monday and it gets delivered on Tuesday and you want the equipment for three days, in that case, the Three days counted would be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, in case, you get a very late delivery on Tuesday, the 3 days would be extended up to Friday. In case, the return is delayed by a day, it is not charged from your end and in case, you want to extend your Rental contract, the fresh contract has to be renewed.

    The Replacement cost is chargeable from your end. However, sending another equipment will have to bear the additional p&p costs also.

    No way. In that case, you can purchase the Equipment from our team or else from any other Brand.

    The Delivery charges are applicable, moreover, calculated on the Distance.

    We advise and request to you to take the decision immediately because, in case you return instantly, the complete amount would be refundable.

    Extending the contract up to a day is never charged. However, if you have kept it for a very long time, it would be charged on the number of days.

    Yes, we do have the Insurance coverage for the High-End Laptops.

    People who have their own house in Hyderabad/Dubai/Canada are always given the utmost priority and the equipments are leased without a glitch. However, if you are travelling to another place within India, you need to prove the Permanent Residential address of that place as a Note of Trust in order to rent our Equipments.

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