Managed IT Services in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Gamut of Back End Services which are not only Channelized, but also,
Managed and Monitored

At the outset, Managed IT Services cater around the Information Technology tasks which are provided by a Vendoring company and delivered to the customer. The zone which acts as the Managed Service Provider holds the responsibility for the IT Services and Equipments’ Functional parameters. In turn, the client pays the required amount as a Fees to the Partnering company. On a Holistic Platform, the burden of maintaining the IT is transferred from the Vendor/Supplier, rather, the Service Provider.

However, this results to the fact that the Client is saved from wasting time unnecessarily on managing the IT (Information Technology) tasks and at the same time, a lot of energy is also saved. In the meantime, this also saves some extent of expenses. At the same time, our clients are also benefited from the scathes of Predictable Pricing. The Best part of the story is that the Operations of the Client company is Leveraged completely, striking a balance in between their Productivity and the Turnover.

Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC is one of the significant IT Service Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company holds the expertise when it comes to fostering and supplying the right extent of the Managed IT Services at IT Services in Riyadh. Additionally, in the due course of providing the Managed IT Services, we also provide, a very dexterous team of IT Technicians, who are not only skilled, but also certified. Their commitment and Hard work aligns Round the Clock in order to serve and foster the most Outstanding Managed IT Services Riyadh, which proves in par with the right Industrial standards.

Al Wardah Al Rihan Managed IT Services

Project Management

The core is to Plan, Manage and Organize a Project in order to fetch a particular set of Predefined Goals and Result oriented Outputs, which is Client Centric

Workstations and Mobility

Providing a Digital, Secured and Intuitive Workplace, which assures the Work Comfort, Availability and Productivity on an End to End Basis

Cyber Security

The Security which focuses to enshield your Systems, Networks, Programs and Softwares from Malicious Digital threats and protecting Sensitive information

Cloud Security

Covers the Broad Spectrum Technologies, Applications and Policies, which is able to secure and enshield further, the IP, Data, Applications and Services

Networking and Servers

Managing the Infrastructure which works exclusively from our end to operate seamlessly, the Client organization's Network, in turn, providing Security

Help Desk Support

Providing the Real time Support to our Customers and Software End Users. Support is also provided to Help Desk Systems and Technology Platforms

Internet and Connectivity

Monitoring of the Internet Connectivity 24*7, therefore leaving to you the Highest Speed, Utmost Reliability and the Perfect Bandwidth of your Internet Connection

CCTV/DVR installations

Caters to designing, installing and maintaining the full Surveillance Systems. Our clients have options such as the Camera, Wiring and Remote Monitoring

Biometric Systems

Capturing or recording permanently of an individual, such as the Iris of Eye or the Thumb identification in order to link these parameters to authenticate or verify time

Consulting and Strategy

Helping companies to make the Digital Leaps by a Well planned Execution and Supervision. It focuses on the need of Automation, as well as the Staff Training

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    Why Choose Us

    • IT Help Desk

      The Help Desk favors to resolve the requests on utmost priority and the Least Downtime and it is supportive

    • Efficacious

      No worry of unexpected Bills, No Lock In Contracts and No Staff Resources, however at Minimal pricing

    • Onsite Services

      Onsite Services : Every Service is ought to work Onsite, whether it is a troubleshooting, Anti Virus, Internet or Printer Set Up

    • 24*7 Support

      Our Technicians work Round the Clock and they are always available to do the needful at every required zone

    • Certified Technical Team

      Certified Technical team : The Technical team is updated and upgraded at every Step with the Latest Technologies, which is always required

    • Proactive

      Always ready to help and available with the desired Technical edges, which makes it Cent Percent appropriate and Useful

    • Technical Expertise

      Our Technicians have the most upgraded cognizance of each and every Technology, which is a “Should and Must”

    • Lesser Expense

      We offer the most Quality Managed IT services at a Lesser Value. It is always the Ball in your Court


    In the present scenario, the Managed IT Services have been commoditized. In fact, such a commoditization has taken place exclusively in order to bifurcate the IT Services distinctively. Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC has realized the fact that the Managed Security Services can indeed play a Key Role and this is one of the key segments of the IT Services Companies in Riyadh. In fact, the Managed Security Services is also a result of the customers who keep on demanding the Information Security Assistance from the Service Providers. Therefore, few of the Service Providers have in turn, partnered with the Security Vendors, in addition, for providing the most Indispensable and Eclectic IT Services.



    It was amazing truly to avail the Rental Services from al wardah al rihan LLC. I had rented iPads and even Laptops for an emergency Training session. Very good experience with the Technical team. They were indeed helpful.

    Abdul Rihan

    Courtesy and Professionalism is what embarks the Tagline of al wardah al rihan LLC. I rented the LED Video walls from the team. They have the extreme expertise to resolve every issue during a sudden collapse. Kudos to the team !!


    I am too impressed with the Technical team of the company. I had to rent the Touch Screen Kiosks for a recent Mass survey. They assisted me from A to Z and even helped me in case I was unable to operate. Recommendable definitely !!

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