The inception of EaZy-Q® Queue Management Systems was to strike a balance in between the Actual Waiting Time and the Perceived Waiting time, which is often one of the most desirable parameters amongst people waiting in the queue and hopefully a Target amongst most of the Entrepreneurs or Business people who want to come up with an eclectic range of Queue Management Solutions Equipments. At the outset, EaZy-Q® is an Electronic Queue System, which is IP based and because of this nature, the plenary System has proved more and more Scalable and Vehement compared to any other product in the Market.

With a gamut of Token Dispensers, Mobile Applications, Calling Devices, Ticket Dispensers, Token Receipts, Live Dashboard, Multimedia Player and Counter Display, as if the complete Queue Management becomes a more Seamless and Fabricated Labyrinth of proper End to End Communication of each and every customer in the Queue, therefore ensuring an elevated level of Customer Satisfaction. Queue Management Systems in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC assures to you a Scalable and Optimized solution with regards to managing the Queues.


Which Devices favor the Queue Management Systems ?

  • Token Dispenser
    Token Dispenser
  • Main Display
    Main Display
  • Mobile App
    Mobile App
  • Multimedia Player
    Multimedia Player
  • Counter Display
    Counter Display
  • Calling Devices
    Calling Devices
  • Web Based Analytical & Graphical Reports
    Web Based Analytical & Graphical Reports
  • Token Receipts
    Token Receipts
  • Live Dashboard
    Live Dashboard

Wide Range of Benefits of the Queue Management System

Queue Management Systems in Riyadh

On a Broader note, the complete Queue Management System consists of Wired and Wireless Technology and the Typical Features and Critical Benefits of the Equipments involved are mentioned below :

Virtual Queuing Solution : Hassle Free, though, Real Time

The Corona Pandemic had made the Globe more and more small. In fact, people have been experiencing dire challenges in their routine lives. One of the key challenges which erupted was the Management of Queues. Since Social Distancing has become the Need of the Hour, we have come up with the unique option of taking a token remotely through the Standard Handheld devices.

Virtual Queuing Solutions in Riyadh

Unprecedented Benefits of Virtual Queuing System

WhatsApp Queuing Solutions

Adding to this, the WhatsApp Queuing Solution has been a recent advent, rather another version of the Virtual Queuing Solution !! Once again, it is a Remote access of the Status of the queue, the Queue Management and the current status of the Token of the customer. There are quiet a good number of advantages of the WhatsApp Queuing Solution at the Forefront!

WhatsApp Queuing Solutions in Riyadh

Advanced Features and Benefits of the WhatsApp Queuing System

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