An arena of Exemplary IT Solutions, Services and Support : Streamlined and Bifurcated

Exploring our Services

An Eclectic range of Managed IT Services, IT Support and Solutions which proves the Evolution of the IT Scape Beyond Boundaries

Managed IT Services

Rendering a gamut of Wireless Facilities, been channelized on Internet and Equipments, leveraging the Operations of the Client

IT Solutions

Caters majorly to the End to End Solutions therefore securing our Networks and Servers. The functioning happens on an Internet Protocol

IT Support

Focuses on enshielding significant Data and also recuperating the Data in case of Loss. It also includes the Hardware Repair and Maintenance

Step by Step Protocol

Placing Request

Addressal of a Service or a Problem from the Client with the help of Calls or Messages to the Service Provider so that an immediate action can be taken. This procedure works on a very Formal note

Cause Analysis

It is the description of any unpredictable Incident or Event which derogates the Quality of a Service or a Solution . As a result, an immediate measure needs to be taken to regain back the Facility, back to Pavilion

Background Verification

There are few Applications or Software, which tend to cause recurring Problems. It needs to be verified on a Crystal clear note, whether how can these be eradicated in order to prevent incessant damage and tampering

Final Action

This is the Final stage, which includes Adding, Modifying or Deleting any specific Solution or Service to get a Cent Percent Impeccable Output and it is a result of the Request which has been placed by the Client

Your Expectations are our Services!!

Our Customer Support team works 24*7, rather Round the Clock and our Technical Team is always present to deliver to you, our Rental Equipments on the same day. The next time, when you decide to avail a new IT equipment which will prove expensive to you, why do not you avail the same from our certified team at a lesser expense? Hmmm, think on it and let us know on +966-57-3186892.

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