IT Solutions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Bucketful of Softwares which enshield your Digital Space from profuse Cyber Threats and Viral Attacks

The zone where we use Technology to overcome quiet a number of Operational challenges in your Digital Business, that is where Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC fills the gap of patching the Loopholes. It is only because Technology can be used to automate the processes. It favors the organizations to operate and burgeon. In addition, Technology catering to the IT Solutions has favored us to reduce the Business expenses.

Apart from this, it has also helped us to augment the performance of the Employees and reach out to Better Horizons in the Business scenario. At
IT Solutions in Riyadh from  Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC, we have been able to create that impeccable line which fosters the exact collection of Softwares, Programs, Applications and IT Services, which would support the particular Business processes and address typical challenges at bay !!

Seemingly, it is simply the Anti Virus Software from IT Outsourcing Solutions in Riyadh, but, it needs to be noted that when such a Software is purchased, it is One Off Technology that sustains the Broader IT Strategy, keeping your IT Ambience free from Cyber attacks at IT Solutions Company in Riyadh. Moreover, it improves the Productivity and the client company also gets a Better Turnover along with a Seamless Customer experience.

Al Wardah Al Rihan IT Solutions

Tech support

Aligned more or less to a Call Center type atmosphere, it is the kind of Technical assistance provided from the end of the Customer Care support to Registered users with regards to the Technical Products

Server Installation

Assists with the minimal Working ambience in order to provide Server Specific Roles. As a result, it plummets the Maintenance and Management Roles and also the attack surfaces on those Server Models

VoIP Business Phone Systems

It is the design of a Hardware or Software based Telephone, which uses the Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology in order to receive as well as send Phone Calls over an Internet Protocol Network

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is also addressed as the Technology Infrastructure. It enables a company or organization to build and run the Applications that underline it's Business. Includes mostly, Compute, Network and Workplace

Solution Stack

Solution Stack includes Hardware components as part of a Final Product. However, the Hardware and the Software is mixed as multiple Layers of Support. Developers should be able to work in all the Layers

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    Why Choose Us

    • Value Added Service

      It is always the phenomenon of adding up Value to your own IT Solutions on purchase from our team

    • Efficacious

      No worry of unexpected Bills, No Lock In Contracts and No Staff Resources, however at Minimal pricing

    • Onsite Services

      Every Service is ought to work Onsite, whether it is a troubleshooting, Anti Virus, Internet or Printer Set Up

    • 24*7 Support

      Our Technicians work Round the Clock and they are always available to do the needful at every required zone

    • Dexterous Technicality

      The Technical team is updated and upgraded at every Step with the Latest Technologies, which is always required

    • Proactive

      Always ready to help and available with the desired Technical edges, which makes it Cent Percent appropriate and Useful

    • Technical Expertise

      Our Technicians have the most upgraded cognizance of each and every Technology, which is a “Should and Must”

    • Reasonable Budget

      We offer the utmost IT Solutions at a Lesser Purchase Value. It is always the Ball in your Court


    The realms of Digitalization at every step is burgeoning and in order to scale up with the present demands of the Digitalized arena, Managed IT Solutions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has put it’s incessant endeavor to patch up those verticals, which are always the Thorn on the Road. Moreover, our Seamless IT Solutions have paved a way towards fostering that zone of eclectic Services which are not only Pre defined, but also redefined at every Stepping Stone !! IT Solutions from Al Wardah Al Rihan LLC is ought and always a Cent Percent guarantee of your IT Solutions, which not only needs an improvisation with Technical advancements, but also an added Renovation in your Digital Business.



    It was amazing truly to avail the Rental Services from al wardah al rihan LLC. I had rented iPads and even Laptops for an emergency Training session. Very good experience with the Technical team. They were indeed helpful.

    Abdul Rihan

    Courtesy and Professionalism is what embarks the Tagline of al wardah al rihan LLC. I rented the LED Video walls from the team. They have the extreme expertise to resolve every issue during a sudden collapse. Kudos to the team !!


    I am too impressed with the Technical team of the company. I had to rent the Touch Screen Kiosks for a recent Mass survey. They assisted me from A to Z and even helped me in case I was unable to operate. Recommendable definitely !!

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    An Eclectic range of Managed IT Services, IT Support and Solutions which proves the Evolution of the IT Scape Beyond Boundaries
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    Rendering a gamut of Wireless Facilities, been channelized on Internet and Equipments, leveraging the Operations of the Client
    IT Support
    Focuses on enshielding significant Data and also recuperating the Data in case of Loss. It also includes the Hardware Repair and Maintenance
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